Why Fidex
Animage's Fidex 3-in-1 scanner has been designed from the ground up with veterinary clinics in mind. FIDEX remains the only 3-in-1 advanced imaging solution available with one-shot DR (Digital Radiography), fluoroscopy and CT (Computed Tomography).
Fidex can also be configured as a one-, or two-modality system. Fidex’s combination of these modalities into one machine conserves valuable space and financial resources, as well as energy and other operational expenses, thus making the clinical and economic advantages of in-house CT capability vastly more achievable.
Before Animage entered the veterinary market with its FIDEX CT scanner, the only option available were CT scanners designed for humans. However, there are many drawbacks using such a scanner. For that reason more and more veterinary clinics are investing into a FIDEX scanner instead.

FIDEX Human CT(*1)
Designed For Companion Animals, Exotics, etc Humans
Software for Veterinaries Yes No
Minimum Room Size 70 sqf (7x10 room) 300 sqf
Voltage 120V/15A or 220V
Single Phase
3 Phase
Power / Energy Usage 0.25 kW (avg.) 53 kW
Shielding Similar to DR (*2) Heavy lead shielding
Slice Thickness 0.16 mm - 0.45 mm 0.63 mm - 10 mm
Warranty 1x 5x

(*1) GE LightSpeed 16
(*2) Please check with your physisist that approved your office for your current x-ray equipment.