Radiology Services

Dr. Kromhout

Teleradiology partner Dr. Kromhout (www.kromhout.be) has extensive experience with all aspects of the FIDEX system. Dr. Kromhout met many Fidex Users first-hand having presented at last year’s Annual Fidex User’s Conference in Turku, Finland. Kromhout Medical Imaging can manipulate and generate precisely the same image quality as you see within your Fidex GUI software environment. Detailed radiology reports may also include tips and advice on how to further improve imaging quality such as with positioning and orientation, and scan techniques and study parameters. For service details, report examples, and pricing, please visit www.kromhout.be. Animage as always can assist you in configuring your DICOM workstation to send studies to teleradiologists. Contact our global service manager Nancy Lu at nlu@animage.com for immediate assistance.