Introducing Automated Breath Control (ABC)

As easy as A B C: Animage‘s new Automated Breathing Control ABC™ pat. pend.

  • No more fiddling with valves and bags!
  • Guaranteed absence of breathing artifacts in Fidex CT images!
  • Fully automated, no interaction required!

Animage has developed, in cooperation with Hallowell EMC of Pittsfield, MA (http://www.hallowell.com/) a way to improve Cone Beam CT image quality:

ABC™ or Automated Breathing Control is a fully automated and electronically implemented method to control animal patients’ breathing during CT scanning. It synchronizes a customized Model 2002 Ventilator with data acquisition of Fidex. This effectively prevents motion artifacts, and thorax CT images come out sharp and clear every time. After set-up with your anesthesia machine there is no further interaction necessary. The ventilator will breathe the patient safely and reliably, and will pause during the short intervals of data taking.

ABC™ (pat. pend.) is a trademark of Animage. It is available immediately for existing and new customers of Fidex. Please inquire at Sales Page.